Moorehead-NewAlbany-A-460editedFrom street maintenance and snow plowing to refuse and leaf collection, the New Albany Public Service Department is committed to continuously improving the services we provide to residents.  The department takes great pride in paying close attention to the details of daily living that can enhance your quality of life.

Environmental Services & Waterways

New Albany is committed to the protection and preservation of the natural environment through the implementation of best management practices. Read on to see how city staff and partners protect environmentally sensitive areas of the community. New Albany’s Public Service Department also takes care of all waterways within public spaces and right of ways; however, our ability to sustain the natural environment and avoid flooding depends upon the assistance of property owners whose land contains or abuts a waterway.

Stormwater Management
Wye Installation on Sump Pumps

Fleet Maintenance

The Public Service Department staff services and repairs over 75 pieces of city-owned equipment including mowers, tractors, plows, salt spreaders, generators, pumps and the vehicles used by every city department.

General Maintenance

The Public Service Department provides ongoing maintenance and improvements to our infrastructure to ensure your safety and protect your investment. If you see a condition in the city that requires attention, please call 614-855-0076 or email us.

Land & Buildings

The Public Service Department is responsible for general maintenance and improvements to city-owned lands and structures. Staff maintains five buildings, two cemeteries, one park, one water tower and seven properties.


As housing and commercial developments continue to grow, the Public Service Department takes on more infrastructure responsibilities, maintaining all fire hydrants, water lines, sanitary and storm sewer lines, streetlights and underground electrical wiring.


Public Service
7800 Bevelhymer Road
New Albany, OH 43054

Phone: 614-855-0076
Fax: 614-855-8585

New Albany consists of 275 miles of roadway and 224 miles of water and sewer lines.