Did You Receive a Tax Notice from RITA and Need Help?

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) mailed approximately 1,000 subpoenas on October 9 to New Albany taxpayers who neglected to file a municipal income tax return or exemption. If you received this letter, RITA does not have record of a municipal income tax filing or exemption from you for the tax year(s) listed on the Subpoena; and RITA did not receive a response from you to the Non-Filing Income Tax Notice that was sent to you before the Subpoena was issued.

Residents who receive this letter can either go online to www.ritaohio.com or http://www.ritaohio.com/Individuals/Home/SubpoenaNotice to learn how to file their returns to avoid the subpoena; or if they would like to appear, they can do so in Council Chambers at New Albany Village Hall (99 W. Main Street) on October 29-30 at the time shown on the letter they receive. Those with questions can call RITA at 1.800.860.7482.