Touch a Truck Set for Saturday, August 17, 10 am - 12:30 pm

Touch-a-Truck is an event established by the New Albany Public Service Department for our kids and the kid that still lives within all of us.  Held at the New Albany Public Service Department headquarters (7800 Bevelhymer Road) next to the Bevelhymer Park athletic fields, this event will put your little ones behind the wheel of their favorite vehicles including fire engines, police cars, snow plows, leaf collection trucks, street sweepers, trash trucks, hauling trucks and even the sewer camera truck.  Kids will also get to rub elbows and ask as many questions as they would like of police officers, firefighters and public service department personnel so integral to providing community services like snow removal and leaf collection.

Other activities during this event include Ident-a-Kid, the New Albany Police Department’s child identity program through pictures and child fingerprinting. Ident-a-Kid provides peace-of-mind to parents, knowing they have taken pro-active steps to keep their children safe and be better prepared in the event of an emergency. Additionally, Plain Township’s Fire Safety House is typically on site and firefighters will be on hand to help residents devise exit strategies from smoke-filled homes.

Touch-a-Truck will last from 10 am – 12:30 pm, rain or shine (if it rains, all vehicles will be set up inside in the service bays). The Public Service Department’s location will also provide easy opportunities for those already at Bevelhymer Park for soccer, baseball or football games to check out the trucks and safety vehicles and partake in some free food. We look forward to seeing you, and encourage you to bring some canned foods with you to donate to the New Albany Food Pantry. They will be accepting food donations at the gate as people enter.