Halloween in New Albany

Navigating COVID-19 has not been easy but we are happy to report to you that unless something changes from Franklin County Public Health at the last minute, residents will be able to trick or treat in New Albany on Thursday, October 29, from 6-8 pm. Whenever October 31 occurs on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, most communities in central Ohio celebrate Halloween on the Thursday prior to October 31. Parties of more than ten people are still not permitted.

This year especially, we encourage you to carry hand sanitizer, remind children to stay six feet away from others who are not family, wipe off candy wrappers with sanitizing wipes before allowing your children to eat anything, and consider limiting the number of homes you visit. Households participating in trick or treat are encouraged to use surgical gloves and facemasks when handing out candy and NOT having a community candy bowl for kids to pick through this year. Aside from COVID-related issues during Halloween, don’t forget to discuss the importance of general safety with your children, as they are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle on this day than any other day of the year. Also remind them to stop at only well-lit houses and not to enter a stranger’s house.

Click here for additional safety tips from Franklin County Public Health.