City of New Albany Reimagines Recycling

One person’s trash… is New Albany’s recycling!

The City of New Albany is encouraging our entire community, including city employees, to reimagine recycling.

Just in time for America Recycles Week (November 15-21), trash cans and recycling bins have merged throughout city building workstations. The big blue bin is for recycling. The tiny black bin attached to the top of the blue bin is for trash. It’s just one of the ways we are encouraging our employees to rethink what they are throwing away.

On America Recycles Week, SWACO celebrates Franklin County’s current recycling rate of 51%, which exceeds the national average yet acknowledges that 76% of all material currently arriving at the county landfill could have been recycled or composted.

Speaking of composting, we are ahead of the curve. One person’s trash… is New Albany’s composting!

We are composting food scraps, coffee grounds, paper napkins, and more. To learn more about food waste composting, click here.

Compost drop-off locations include: the Public Service building (7800 Bevelhymer Road) to the north, Village Hall (99 W. Main St.) in the center of town, and the Temple Beth Shalom/All Saints Episcopal Church parking lot (5089 Johnstown Road) to the south.

New Albany is also continuing pumpkin and gourd composting at the Public Service complex through December 2. We are making sure you are covered through Thanksgiving and beyond!