City Finances & Budgets

Finance Department

In order to ensure fiscal accountability and an accurate presentation of the city’s financial status, New Albany’s finance department provides residents with timely and accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements.

To become even more transparent, the city is now participating in the state of Ohio’s Checkbook program, where residents can review every check written by the city.

In addition, the finance department coordinates an annual audit conducted by Ohio’s Auditor of State, and is also responsible for coordinating debt issuance.

New Albany’s general obligation rating from Moody’s Investors Service is Aaa, the highest possible rating that can be achieved. New Albany’s Standard & Poor’s rating is AAA, also the highest rating possible.

The 2019 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report has been completed and submitted to the Auditor of State and will be available for review once it is certified and released.  The unaudited 2019 Basic Financial Statements is available for review at this time.

New Albany obtained the highest possible financial strength ratings through both Moody’s (Aaa) and Standard & Poor's (AAA).