City Code, Ordinances & Charter

City Code

New Albany’s Codified Ordinances are the collected, organized and restated ordinances of the city as amended from time to time by city council. A complete copy of the codified ordinances can be viewed, searched, and downloaded online. Recent ordinances that have been adopted, but not yet codified, are available on the home page.

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City Ordinances & Resolutions

Legislative action by City Council is made in the form of resolutions or ordinances.  Resolutions are generally used when the legislation is of a temporary, informative or ceremonial nature. Ordinances are generally used for legislation of a permanent nature.

Legislation may be introduced by any member of City Council at any regular or special meeting.  The public hearing for a resolution shall be conducted at the time of the introduction.  The public hearing of an ordinance shall be conducted at the next designated meeting subsequent to its introduction, unless otherwise specified by City Council.  Once the public hearing is closed and subsequent to discussion by City Council, they may adopt the legislation (with or without amendment), reject it or table it.

All resolutions and the following ordinances shall take effect upon adoption, unless specified by City Council:

  • Appropriation of money;
  • Annual tax levies for current expenses;
  • Improvements petitioned for by owners of the requisite majority of the front footage or of the area of the property benefited and to be assessed;
  • Submission of any questions to the electorate or a determination to proceed with an election;
  • Approvals of a revision, codification, recodification, rearrangement or publication of ordinances; and
  • Emergency ordinances.

All other ordinances shall become effective 30 days after their adoption or at any later date specified by City Council.

Council agendas and minutes can be found on our Government 101 page.

Legislation is published here for approximately 12 months. For older legislation, please contact Clerk of Council Jennifer Mason at (614) 939-2244 or

City Charter

We, the people of New Albany, for the purpose of:

  • continuing the established plan for fair, efficient, and effective municipal government;
  • securing the benefits of home rule; and
  • exercising the powers of local self-government conferred by the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio;

adopted this revised Charter in November 2019.

This revised Charter became effective on January 1, 2020 and is available here.

2020 New Albany Charter
Legislative action by City Council is made in the form of resolutions or ordinances.