Market Street Extension Project

About the Project

In an effort to ease congestion in the heart of town and prepare for future growth, the City of New Albany has acquired all of the land necessary to construct an extension of Market Street northeast of the Village Center to connect with Dublin-Granville Road and US 62. The project will go out for bid in fall 2023. The first phase will include tree clearing in late fall/early winter 2023, and construction will likely begin first quarter of 2024. Construction is expected to last roughly 18 months and will be performed in a manner to limit impact as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

input-arrow input-arrow Where will the extension be built?

As you travel east on Market Street leaving the Village Center, what is currently a dead end at Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road will become a roundabout. We plan to extend Market Street northeast from that future roundabout to connect with Dublin-Granville Road. and US-62 via Third Street. Click here for a PDF of the map below.

input-arrow input-arrow Why is this project necessary?

Our goal with this project is relieve traffic congestion within the Village Center and to accommodate future increases in traffic volume as the region continues to develop.

The most significant source of traffic congestion in the Village Center is the intersection of Main Street and High Street, but the buildings surrounding this intersection prevent us from being able to widen the roads or add lanes. By extending Market Street, we expect to re-direct about 20% of drivers away from Main Street and High Street and provide a non-stop travel path around the heart of the village center.  The Market Street extension will provide more convenient access to and from State Route 161 along Main Street.

input-arrow input-arrow How will Third Street be affected by the project?

The project includes reconfiguring the intersection of Main Street and Third Street in a way that Third Street will become the more prominent travel path to and from US-62.

input-arrow input-arrow Will there be any retail or housing options along this extension?

The City of New Albany does not have any current applications for development, but the project will set up the area for future growth.

input-arrow input-arrow How much land was acquired for the project?

Road right of way in the amount of 3.23 acres was needed to support this project. The needed right of way was dedicated to the City of New Albany at no cost by the property owners.


input-arrow input-arrow How much will the project cost?

We estimate the total cost of the project will be close to $10 million. The City received funding support from the Ohio Public Works Commission in the form of a $244,000 grant and $756,000 loan for the project. The remaining project cost will be funded from the City’s capital improvement fund.

input-arrow input-arrow What is the timeline for the project?

The project will go out for bid in fall 2023. The first phase will include tree clearing in late fall or early winter 2023, and construction will likely begin during the first quarter of 2024.

We expect construction to last roughly 18 months.

input-arrow input-arrow How can I stay updated?

You can stay updated with the project by following the City of New Albany’s social media accounts and by subscribing to our weekly Connects email at We will also include updates on this page and in future City Council mailed letters to residents.