Permitting & Inspections

Plan Review

The Community Development Department has an integrated approach to plan review. Each plan is reviewed by several disciplines (planning/zoning, engineering, and building code compliance). This approach increases predictability and efficiency in the permitting phase of a project.

Plan review begins with the submission of an application and accompanying plans and documents that are required for approval. Permit fees are required at the time of application submittal. Once the submittal has been made, the materials are reviewed by each discipline for compliance with approved site plans, conditions of approval, the submittal requirement checklists, and all applicable codes and ordinances.

Phased Plan Review

The Community Development Department offers a phased plan review for projects as an alternative to a full building permit submittal. Under the phased plan review process, projects for new construction may be segmented into one or more phases for plan review, permitting and inspections. This allows for construction to begin on a portion of the building while final design is occurring for the entire building.

Projects that have specific phasing needs or are technically complex may be packaged into different phases that are appropriate to the project’s needs. The phases must be agreed upon by the chief building official and the commercial plan reviewer and documented in writing prior to submittal for a plan review.

Plan Review Meeting

To provide good customer service, small project plan review meetings are offered with the zoning officer and a building inspector. Residential small projects and exterior modifications are reviewed Tuesday mornings and commercial projects are reviewed Thursday mornings. Please call 614-939-2254 to determine if your project meets the criteria; and to schedule a plan review meeting if appropriate.



Ohio EPA’s notification of demolition and renovation form is required for:

  • Every demolition of a facility, regardless of whether asbestos is involved. This includes all structures that will be intentionally burned for fire training purposes.
  • A renovation when the amount of regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) stripped, removed, dislodged, cut, drilled, or similarly disturbed exceeds 260 linear feet on pipes or 160 square feet on other facility components or 35 cubic feet off facility components.
  • Call 1-800-329-7518 or see for more information.

General Development FAQs

input-arrow input-arrow What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, cash and checks or money orders made payable to the City of New Albany.

input-arrow input-arrow What building codes are currently enforced in New Albany?

Residential construction in New Albany is enforced with the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio (RCO). Commercial construction in New Albany is enforced with the 2017 Ohio Building Code (OBC), 2017 Ohio Plumbing Code and the 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code. All electrical construction in New Albany is enforced with the 2017 National Electric Code.

input-arrow input-arrow Is my general contractor required to register with New Albany?

The following are reused to register with the Community Development Department prior to performing any work in the Municipality:

  • General contractors,
  • remodelers,
  • framers,
  • concrete/masonry contractors,
  • water/sewer contractors,
  • electrical,
  • HVAC,
  • plumbers,
  • fire suppression,
  • fire alarm, and
  • all other state licensed trades.

A contractor registration fee of $50 is required and valid for one calendar year – January through December. Please click here for the application.

input-arrow input-arrow What documents do I need to register as a contractor?

A copy of your liability insurance, a copy of your current qualification certificate or state license (as applicable), and the application fee of $50 for each registration type is required.

Permit FAQs

input-arrow input-arrow Who issues plumbing permits?

All plumbing permits will be issued by the New Albany Development Department and inspected by the Franklin County Public Health Department.

input-arrow input-arrow Does the city require a permit for lawn sprinkler installation?

Yes, New Albany requires a plumbing permit for the backflow preventer.

input-arrow input-arrow When will I know if my plans are ready?

You will be contracted by the development clerks either by phone or email when the plan review has been completed.

input-arrow input-arrow Do I need a permit for a roof, a deck, a fence, or a patio?

Yes, each will require a plan review and permit.

input-arrow input-arrow When are fees due?

Fees are due are due at the time of submittal.  Please see application for more information.

input-arrow input-arrow What are the requirements to submit for a residential permit?

A completed application and two copies of everything listed on the residential building permit checklist.

input-arrow input-arrow What are the requirements to submit for a commercial permit?

A completed application and four copies of everything listed on the commercial building checklist.

input-arrow input-arrow What are the requirements to submit for an engineering permit?

Please refer to the submittal section on the engineering application.

Inspection FAQs

input-arrow input-arrow How do I schedule a plumbing inspection?

Even though New Albany is located in both Franklin and Licking counties, Franklin County schedules plumbing inspections for New Albany addresses, regardless of county.

To schedule a plumbing inspection, please call 614-525-3160. Inspections will be completed by Franklin County Public Health.

input-arrow input-arrow How do I schedule a sewer tap inspection?

Sewer tap inspections must be requested two business days prior to the inspection.  Please call 614-939-2222 to schedule.

input-arrow input-arrow How do I schedule an inspection with the fire department?

All inspections that require both the building inspector and the fire department must be requested two business days in advance. Please call the development clerks at 614-939-2254 to schedule an inspection that requires the fire department.

input-arrow input-arrow How do I schedule a commercial zoning inspection?

Please call the development clerks at 614-939-2254 to schedule a zoning inspection. The inspector will schedule the inspection within 48 hours.

input-arrow input-arrow How do I schedule all other inspections?

Inspections must be requested by voicemail or fax by 4:00 p.m. on the business day before the inspection is requested.

Please call 614-939-2222 to schedule structural, HVAC, or electrical inspections.

input-arrow input-arrow What time will the inspector be at my job?

Inspections are assigned to an inspector each morning. Footings and commercial life/safety inspections are given preference while inserting the remaining inspections – as time permits. We will try to accommodate morning and afternoon requests when possible.  Please be ready for your inspection prior to calling the inspection line.


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