Take the Pledge to Pick Up After Your Pet

Did you know that there are 277,000 dogs in Franklin County that produce 104 tons of dog poop a day? During rain events, nitrogen and phosphorous in dog poop can contribute to algal growth in our waterways and also deplete oxygen for fish and other aquatic life. For these reasons, take the pledge to pick up your dog poop by completing this form. Then, print it out and bring at back to Village Hall (99 W. Main Street) or the Public Service Center (7800 Bevelhymer Road) to receive your free baggy waste dispenser!

Doggy Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do: Pick up after your dog, and use a bag!
  • Don’t: Leave the bag on the ground; dispose of it in a waste receptacle.
  • Do: Take the PUP Pledge!
  • Don’t: Forget your bags when you take your dog on a walk! Receive doggy bags when you sign and return the PUP Pledge.