Kevin Deckop Named NAPD Sergeant

The New Albany Police Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Kevin Deckop to the role of police sergeant. Deckop will be the department’s fifth sergeant, filling the last of the open sergeant positions.

Deckop has been a detective, patrol officer, school resource officer, bike officer, property room custodian, and technical crash investigator during his 21 years of service to the community.

“Leadership staff chose Kevin because of his experience, judgment, intelligence, and consistent dedication to the city and our department,” said Police Chief Greg Jones. “I’ve worked with him his entire career. He has been successful in every position he has held during his tenure. He is also honest, dedicated, and has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to our department’s mission and values. I have no doubt Kevin will continue to be an outstanding public servant, an asset to the department in his new role, and a good leader for others in the department to follow.”

While reflecting on becoming a sergeant after his more than two decades of service, Deckop said, “I am honored to take on this new role. I feel incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity to make a difference within our department and cannot wait to see what my future holds. Working with our staff and for a great community is what has made this a great career, not just a job.”