Resident Survey Results

The City of New Albany retained central Ohio research firm Saperstein Associates to conduct a resident survey in 2020, asking residents to answer questions pertaining to their quality of life, services, desires and concerns. This feedback provides guidance to city leaders about how they are doing today and resident desires for the future. In all, Saperstein Associates talked to 302 randomly selected residents, a representative sample very similar to New Albany’s entire adult population in age, gender, education, and voting wards. Click here to access the Saperstein Associates full New Albany Resident Survey PowerPoint; below is a summary of survey information by category:

Quality of Life

  • 86% consider New Albany an excellent or very good place to live
  • 88% believe New Albany is heading in the right direction
    • 92% of survey respondents < 55 years of age believe this
    • 78% of survey respondents > 55 years of age believe this
  • Many residents want more casual and fine dining restaurants in the Village Center core of town.
  • Only 9% consider parking and traffic in the core of town to be a major problem while 62% said traffic was not a problem in this area.
  • New Albany’s social networking sites and LIST e-newsletter are the two most popular sources of city news and information, followed by This Week New Albany News, the city website and Internet searches.

City Services

Public Service

  • 97% satisfied with snow removal on main roads
  • 93% satisfied with snow removal in neighborhoods
  • 96% with an opinion are satisfied with leaf collection services
  • 94% satisfied with trash, recycling and waste collection


  • 94% satisfied with police services
  • 95% with an opinion are satisfied with police outreach programs

Land Use and Community Development (including parks and trails)

  • 85% satisfied with maintaining appropriate architectural standards for new construction
  • 84% satisfied with developing and connecting leisure trails
  • 83% satisfied with development of public park lands
  • 81% satisfied with recruitment of business to expand the tax base


  • 88% postponed or canceled a major event or celebration
  • 83% are very or somewhat concerned about another wave of COVID-19 infections
  • 83% had trouble finding hand sanitize, toilet paper or cleaning supplies
  • 78% noticed an increase in stress
  • 67% know someone outside their home who has been infected with COVID-19
  • 63% spent more time helping a child with school
  • 57% of households with children lost child care for an extended time
  • 35% found accessing health care more difficult
  • 35% had hours reduced at work and 23% were furloughed
  • 10% were laid off permanently

Diversity and Inclusion

  • 88% believe it is important for the people of New Albany and local government to focus on creating a diverse, inclusive and fair city
  • 80% believe New Albany is welcoming to people of all religions
  • 72% believe New Albany is welcoming to people of all political beliefs
  • 72% believe New Albany is welcoming to people of all races and ethnicities
  • 70% believe New Albany is welcoming to people of all sexual orientations
  • Most residents agree that people similar to themselves are treated fairly by neighbors, law enforcement and local government. Fewer believe the same to be true for people different from themselves.