Resident Survey Results

For the third time in five years, the City of New Albany retained central Ohio research firm Saperstein Associates to conduct a 2022 Resident Survey. As can be seen below, the make-up of the survey participants is very similar to our US Census Data. Click here to view the full Saperstein Associates report.

U.S. Census Data 2022                        Resident Survey Sample (308 residents)


Male                            52%                             53%
Female                        48%                             47%


18-24                           13%                             14%
25-34                             9%                               8%
35-44                           20%                             19%
45-54                           27%                             27%
55-64                           17%                             18%
65 or older                   14%                             14%

Voting Wards

A                                 14%                             15%
B                                 18%                             15%
C                                 16%                             17%
D                                 15%                             16%
E                                  10%                             10%
F                                  17%                             17%
G                                 10%                             10%

Feedback Synopsis

Most residents are satisfied with New Albany’s services and amenities – including development of public park lands – as well as the performance of city officials.

Eight out of ten residents are pleased with how city officials are managing commercial growth and development, while nine out of ten continue to believe that New Albany is heading in the right direction.

Interest persists in expanding the options available in Market Square and Village Center, especially those involving restaurants and boutiques. Though many younger, newer residents would accept more residential density in exchange for these amenities, many older, more tenured residents would object.

For a small minority of residents, traffic in Market Square and Village Center is a major problem before and after school. Most residents, however, consider traffic at these times either a minor problem or not a problem at all. In addition, few residents consider traffic a problem, during non-school hours, throughout the entire New Albany community.

Stress and mental health issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are said to persist among both adults and children.

Efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive community have been modestly successful.

Quality of Life

  • 88% consider New Albany an excellent or very good place to live
  • 89% believe New Albany is heading in the right direction

City Services

Public Service

  • 97% satisfied with snow removal on main roads
  • 89% satisfied with snow removal in neighborhoods
  • 96% with an opinion are satisfied with leaf collection services
  • 94% satisfied with trash, recycling and waste collection


  • 90% satisfied with police services
  • 93% with an opinion are satisfied with police outreach programs

Land Use and Community Development (including parks and trails)

  • 90% satisfied with development of public park lands
  • 88% satisfied with maintaining appropriate architectural standards for new construction
  • 85% satisfied with developing and connecting leisure trails
  • 83% satisfied with planning for the future
  • 81% satisfied with recruitment of business to expand the tax base
  • 80% satisfied with managing commercial growth


  • More than half of residents now follow the City of New Albany on at least one social media platform and social media is the favored form of communications by residents. Also popular: Connects e-newsletter (subscribe at; website, and direct mail.
  • 82% satisfied with keeping residents informed of important issues involving the city