The Hamlet at Sugar Run

At its December 6 meeting, New Albany City Council approved a zoning request by a 5-1 vote for 32.6+/- acres located at the southwest and southeast corners of New Albany Condit Road (State Route 605) and Central College Road. The rezoning will allow for the creation of a hamlet development as recommended in the Engage New Albany strategic plan, containing a mixture of residential, commercial, retail, parkland and open space uses on the site.

Next Steps

Now that a zoning change application has been approved by New Albany City Council, the applicant is required to submit a final development plan application prior to construction. Final development plan applications for a hamlet area are required to be reviewed by the Parks & Trails Advisory Board and Architectural Review Board, who make a recommendation to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission takes final action on the application. No meetings relevant to the hamlet development have been scheduled at this time.

Per city code, final development plans require neighbors within 200 feet of the subject property be notified of the meetings. Members of the public can participate in these meetings and provide input to each board. Final development plans are required include detailed site plans, street designs, landscaping, parkland and open space designs, building architecture, size and number of units, engineering plans, and more to ensure the commitments of the zoning text are met.

Rezoning Legislation History

input-arrow input-arrow Past Public Meetings Involving Hamlet Discussion

At its November 7 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended approval of a proposed rezoning to City Council by a 3-2 vote. City Council will take final action on the zoning change request as Ordinance O-40-2022.

City Council heard a first reading of the proposed rezoning at its November 15 meeting. A traffic impact study (TIS) was discussed at the meeting. A memo which provides a high-level overview of the study results and the recommendations made by the city traffic engineer may be accessed by clicking here.

City Council held a second reading and public hearing on Ordinance O-40-2022 on  December 6, 2022.

City Council adopted Ordinance O-40-2022 after the second reading and public hearing at their December 6 meeting.

New Albany residents interested in viewing meetings of our City Council can stream them online. Please click here for a schedule of upcoming meetings and to watch live.

General FAQs

input-arrow input-arrow Where is this located?

The zoning request is for 32.6+/- acres located at the southwest and southeast corners of the New Albany Condit Road (State Route 605) and Central College Road. The area proposed to be rezoned is shown in red on the map below.

input-arrow input-arrow How can I stay updated?

We will be updating this page frequently as new information becomes available.

Zoning FAQs

input-arrow input-arrow Does the property need to be rezoned?

Yes. The property is currently zoned R-1 (Residential Estate District). The property must be rezoned to allow for the new mixed-use area to be developed. As proposed, the development will include a variety of commercial, retail and residential uses. The property owner has requested the property be rezoned to Infill Planned Unit Development (I-PUD). The rezoning application is for 32.6+/- acres.

input-arrow input-arrow Is there an opportunity for members of the public to provide input on the application?

Yes. This type of rezoning requires review and recommendation from the New Albany Planning Commission to City Council, who takes final action. A list of upcoming meeting dates is provided below. All public participation must be in person at Village Hall. Click here to access online streaming public meetings.

  • Planning Commission—November 7 at 7 p.m. (Meeting Packet)
  • City Council –November 15 at 6:30 p.m.
  • City Council –December 6 at 6:30 p.m.
input-arrow input-arrow Does the proposed rezoning meet the Engage New Albany Strategic Plan goals, objectives and development standards?

Yes. The applicant’s intent is to create a hamlet development as recommended in the Engage New Albany Strategic Plan. The proposed rezoning application meets or commits to meeting all of the hamlet development standards found in the Engage New Albany Strategic Plan as the development review and approval process continues. These standards are included below:

  • The gross density of a hamlet development is not to exceed six (6) dwelling units per acre.
  • A hamlet development should be comprised of about 75% developed land to 25% parks and open space.
  • A hamlet development should include a civic green space open to the public located near the center of the development.
  • A hamlet development should include a ratio of approximately 200 square feet of commercial uses for every 1 dwelling unit to ensure a vibrant mixed-use development. Commercial uses include administrative, business, and professional offices; retail stores; restaurants; hotels; and personal services. Drive-thru businesses should be limited within the site in order to preserve the pedestrian-oriented character of a hamlet. Any commercial uses located south of the Sugar Run stream corridor may not count toward this ratio.
  • Commercial uses must include some mixed-use commercial located around the civic green.
  • Ground floor and commercial uses in a hamlet should be complementary in nature with other uses on-site to encourage activity throughout the day, rather than at peak times.
  • Buildings may not be taller than 50 feet in height around the civic green, at least 250 feet from Central College Road and SR 605/New Albany-Condit Road, nor taller than 40 feet at the perimeter.
  • Public streets within a hamlet should be lined by buildings, with exceptions for limited drives, public spaces, and properly screened parking.
  • Garages should face the rear of lots. No garage doors may face primary streets.
  • Parking must be integrated throughout the site through on-street parking on public streets, surface parking located behind primary buildings, limited surface parking located beside primary buildings, and structured parking. Surface parking lots must be properly screened from the street.
  • Drive locations should be kept to a minimum and the placement of buildings should encourage pedestrian activity.
  • Anyone seeking to build a hamlet development must submit a parking model to demonstrate sufficient parking is provided for the mix of residents, employees, and visitors to the site; shared parking among complementary uses is strongly encouraged on the site and the installation of excess parking is discouraged. If the tenants of the hamlet significantly change or if the use mix changes, the developer must resubmit the parking model to city zoning staff for review.
  • A hamlet development proposal must include an overall master plan for the area showing how it fits together appropriately in terms of connectivity, site layout, uses, and aesthetics.
  • A hamlet development is expected to go through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) rezoning process. The city’s Architectural Review Board (ARB) should review final development plans.
  • A hamlet development proposal must reference the applicable chapters of the New Albany Design Guidelines & Requirements (DGRs).
input-arrow input-arrow What are the proposed zoning text requirements for the property?

The proposed zoning text contains many requirements for development on the property. The zoning text includes use, intensity, architecture, parking, parkland and open space as well as landscaping requirements for the property. The latest zoning text may be accessed by clicking here.

input-arrow input-arrow What impact will the project have on traffic?

A traffic impact study (TIS) was submitted to the city as part of the zoning change application. The city traffic engineer reviewed and approved the results of the study with recommendations. A memo which provides a high-level overview of the study results and the recommendations made by the city traffic engineer may be accessed by clicking here.

input-arrow input-arrow What impact will the project have on the schools?

As part of the rezoning application, the applicant submitted a student impact statement as required by City Code Section 1111.03(h). A student impact statement includes a yield factor for each housing type proposed to be developed on the site at the time of the rezoning application. This impact study can be accessed by clicking here.

On October 18, 2022, city staff met with the New Albany-Plain Local School District to obtain actual student enrollment numbers for each housing type within the city corporate boundary. The student population numbers are for the 2022-2023 school year. The city staff obtained student population for all flats and townhomes, select single family subdivisions and the total number of students within the city corporate boundary. The number of housing units is from city permitting data. This information is provided in a memo that may be accessed by clicking here.

Site Plan

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Click here to access a PDF of the site plan.

Click here for a color version of the site plan.


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