City Code & Charter

City Code

New Albany’s Codified Ordinances are the collected, organized and restated ordinances of the city as amended from time to time by city council. A complete copy of the codified ordinances can be viewed, searched, and downloaded online. Recent ordinances that have been adopted, but not yet codified, are available on the home page.

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City Charter

We, the people of New Albany, for the purpose of:

  • continuing the established plan for fair, efficient, and effective municipal government;
  • securing the benefits of home rule; and
  • exercising the powers of local self-government conferred by the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio;

adopted this revised Charter in November 2019.

This revised Charter became effective on January 1, 2020 and is available here.

2020 New Albany Charter
Legislative action by City Council is made in the form of resolutions or ordinances.