Planning a Home Addition?

Before beginning any room addition, deck, garage, or some other home improvement project in New Albany, please contact the Community Development Department at 614-939-2254 to discuss design, easement, set back and lot coverage issues.

Permit applications will need to be submitted in order for plans to be approved.  Permits and inspections are for your protection.  While they require additional time, they are the only way to ensure that any project is safe and meets city code.  Fines may occur without proper permits, and crews could be ordered to stop work.

When submitted, permit applications are to include scaled drawings indicating the proposed addition with all dimensions.  The drawings also need to show that the addition will comply with all applicable zoning restrictions, including setbacks, lot coverage, height, etc.  Include a calculated lot coverage percentage including the desired addition and setbacks.  Depending upon the project, building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing applications and drawings may also need to be submitted and approved before construction can begin.

Once an applicant is prepared to submit for a permit on a home improvement project, the Community Development Department offers a fast track review process.  Plan review appointments are scheduled every Monday morning, and applicants are encouraged to schedule a week in advance.

Construction may commence once New Albany Community Development staff (and the respective homeowner association, if applicable) approves your plans.  During construction, a number of inspections will occur to ensure that the construction meets city and state code regulations for safety and reliability.