Drug Drop Box Now Permanently Located at New Albany Police Station

Illegal drugs like heroin, hallucinogens and methamphetamine grab headlines but many would be surprised to know that prescription drugs are abused even more often because they are so much more accessible. Multiple drug websites estimate that more than half of prescription drug abusers, particularly teenagers, get their drugs from a friend or relative.

To help combat this problem, the NAPD now has a drug drop box conveniently located in the police station lobby (50 Village Hall Road) that allows residents to dispose of their unused prescription and over the counter drugs safely, keeping the drugs out of the hands of those who may abuse them. Disposing of medications is anonymous – no personal information is taken; however the NAPD does ask not to include pill bottles when disposing of pills in the drug drop box. The drop box is meant for medications only and many pill containers will not fit anyway. The NAPD suggests recycling the actual pill containers at home and destroying any personal information from those pill containers for your own protection before you bring your pills to the police station drug drop box.

What drugs are accepted? Prescription pills, over the counter pills and FDA pills for animals. Liquid drugs are not accepted (these can be disposed of in cat litter and thrown away with trash), nor are syringes or illegal drugs. It is also important to note that the drop box is not for use by local doctor’s offices. All meds dropped into the box will be incinerated.