New Albany Companies Manufacturing Essential Goods for America

Some manufacturers in New Albany’s International Business Park had never before produced hand sanitizer but saw a need and responded. Others were already producing sanitizers and soaps prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but ramped up production even more to meet consumer demand throughout the country. Still others in the park pivoted to provide much needed gear for medical personnel.

“From a logistical standpoint, central Ohio is well positioned to assist our nation’s efforts to battle COVID-19,” said New Albany Community Development Director Jennifer Chrysler. “We are within 500 miles of half the US and Canadian populations. These companies are not just manufacturing essential products for the public and essential medical personnel, they are also keeping thousands of people working at a time when work is crucial to our economy.”

New Albany International Business Park companies that either ramped up production lines for sanitary equipment or changed production lines for medical equipment include:

  • Alene Candles, which shifted operations to produce 40,000 face shields at their New Albany facility, with the intention of donating them to central Ohio medical personnel and emergency medical service professionals. “We have a talented team that’s ready to help however we can. “I am incredibly proud of our team for jumping to action; we are thankful that we can play a role in fighting this pandemic,” said Rod Harl, President and CEO of Alene Candles. Medical groups in need of face shields can email for more information.
  • Bocchi Labs, another filler company that previously specialized in shampoos and body washes, converted several of their lines to produce hand sanitizer. “During challenging times like these, I continue to be inspired by a few fundamental principles I learned along the way…to dream big, to work hard, to be kind, to not be afraid, to celebrate our differences and to find beauty where others see darkness,” said Bocchi CEO Joe Pender;
  • KDC/ONE, a filler company that is part of New Albany’s vertical supply chain in the production of lotions and beauty care products, has ramped up production of hand sanitizers and soaps so important during this time; and
  • Axium Plastics has ramped up for further production of container materials to meet the demands of filler companies like KDC/One and Bocchi within New Albany’s Personal Care & Beauty campus.