Suspects Arrested in Connection with Upper Fenway Crimes

Through a coordinated effort with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and excellent investigative work by the New Albany Police Department, two arrests were made Monday involving the recent crimes in Upper Fenway.

Police arrested Robert Hauff (pictured left) Monday afternoon and charged him with theft of a dangerous ordinance (firearm). The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ian Belcher (pictured right) Monday afternoon in connection with the thefts from motor vehicles. Both suspects are currently in the Franklin County Jail. 

A third suspect has been identified in conjunction with theft of a motor vehicle, and detectives are attempting to locate that suspect.

“I would like to thank residents for being so responsive to assisting the police in providing video from private security systems, and the willingness of neighbors to report these crimes to the police,” said New Albany Police Sgt. Joel Strahler. “Residents are an extension of our eyes and ears, and we greatly appreciate it.”