Clover Valley Roadway Improvements

On June 8, 2022, construction began on existing Clover Valley Rd., significantly impacting the traffic flow at the Miller Rd. and Clover Valley Rd. intersection.

Clover Valley Rd. is no longer open to through traffic from Jug St. or Miller Rd. for the foreseeable future. Local access from Clover Valley Rd. to Jug St. is maintained for residents only. Detour: Clover Valley Rd. to Green Chapel Rd. to Mink St. to Jug St. to Clover Valley Rd. or reverse.

The northern leg of Clover Valley Rd. and western leg of Miller Rd. at the intersection have been connected. Two-way traffic consisting of southbound Clover Valley Rd. to westbound Miller Rd. and eastbound Miller Rd. to northbound Clover Valley Rd. has been maintained. Miller Rd. east of the intersection has no access to the intersection.

PRIME Construction Management and Survey (PRIME CMS) is performing project administration on behalf of the City of New Albany. The contractor for the project is Complete General Construction (CGC).