Dog Etiquette Reminders

If you own a dog in New Albany, please remember that your dog must be under your control at all times. The easiest way to make sure your dog is under control is to use a leash while you’re out on the City’s trails and sidewalks. Leashes are not required on our trails and sidewalks, but we certainly recommend them because you can be cited if your dog scares others while off leash or not under your control.

If you want to exercise your dog off leash, a great option is to head to Rocky Fork Metro Park where there’s a nearly 2-acre dog park and off-leash trail for dogs.

When it comes to City-owned parks such as Rose Run Park and our city-owned neighborhood parks, dogs are permitted but must be on a leash no longer than 6-feet.

Don’t forget that if your dog does its business in one of our parks or while you are out on a walk, it is important to be a good neighbor and clean up afterwards. You can be cited for not picking up after your pet.

Believe it or not how you handle pet waste affects New Albany’s water quality. During rain events, dog poop left on the ground can wash away through the sewer systems and end up in our lakes and rivers, polluting our freshwater supply. The water that goes through these storm sewer systems is not treated, so what goes into a drain exits straight into our waterways. Research shows that dog waste is the third largest contributor of harmful bacteria to urban waterways. Do your part and pick up poop – always be prepared with bags when walking your pup, and dispose of them in the trash.

Finally, there are some area parks where dogs are not permitted. Bevelhymer Park, Thompson Park and Wexner Community Park are under the jurisdiction of New Albany Parks and Recreation. For safety reasons, New Albany Parks and Recreation does not allow pets in any of its parks or facilities. Service dogs are the only exception.

We appreciate the cooperation of all New Albany dog owners as we work together to foster a safe and enjoyable community for everyone.