City to Offer Pumpkin Composting November 1 to December 8

Take advantage of the City of New Albany’s pumpkin and gourd composting bin available 24/7 at the public service facility (7800 Bevelhymer Road) starting November 1 through December 8 as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Residents should use the Walnut Street entrance at the public service facility. Painted pumpkins and gourds can be composted but any candles or other non-compostable items need to discarded in your trash at home prior to dropping off the pumpkin-related items.

Please note that pumpkins and gourds cannot be included with your yard waste pick-up as these items do not decompose like grass clippings or leaves. Residents should also avoid placing their pumpkins and gourds (not used for cooking) in our normal compost drop-off bins that are serviced by GoZERO.