Rose Run Park

Most areas of Rose Run Park are now open to the public, creating a key civic asset and gathering place that underscores New Albany’s commitment to community, connectivity and the environment.

Building Community and Connectivity

From New Albany’s Market Square and its 45+ miles of leisure trails to its pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, New Albany prides itself on the many natural and planned amenities designed to create a sense of community that will foster connections among people and with the environment.

Transforming the “Heart of the Community"

For nearly 20 years, the city has aspired to transform Rose Run into the recreational backbone to the Village Center and “the physical, visual and emotional heart of the community,” according to the 2003 Rose Run Greenway Corridor Study. Now, the park preserves green space in the heart of New Albany, creating a civic green for large events that will attract more residents, employees and visitors to the city’s parks, trails and businesses, while also improving safety for school children crossing Dublin Granville Road.

Defining Features Transform Rose Run

Dublin-Granville Road Velo Loop

North of Dublin-Granville Road, a terraced wall of limestone and grass provides casual seating. To the south, a large plaza with granite pavers increase the seating area. For larger events, planners envision closing the road to create additional capacity. Traffic is now reduced to two lanes with crosswalks between the school campus and the park. The corridor also features the first half mile of the Velo Loop, a protected bike lane to connect the city’s leisure trails.

Rose Run Bridge and Promenade

A pedestrian bridge, 60 feet long and 30 feet wide, with decorative brick, cast iron guardrails, lighting and seating, provides an attractive and safe pedestrian pathway across the stream bed. The decorative brick continues south of the bridge, forming a promenade from the bridge to Market Square and the parking lot.

Library Garden

At the rear of the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s New Albany branch a library garden with a small seating area and lawn will offer a quiet and scenic spot to read a book as well as a place for outdoor library activities, picnics and small concerts. A walk lined with birch trees connects the library garden to the natural creek area.

Wooded Glen & Rose Run Trail

Removal of invasive plant species, stream restoration and new plantings created a natural play area for children to explore. Kid-friendly focal points add an element of fun and recreation. Additionally, the park  features a leisure trail that can be accessed from various locations.

Bike Hub

With the eventual creation of the five-mile Velo Loop around the city center, the popularity of cycling among residents and events like Pelotonia, a bike hub or fix-it station to the east of the promenade will allow cyclists to make repairs, inflate tires, fill water bottles and take a break.

Park Now Open

Construction for Rose Run Park is now complete, except for landscaping and planting that continues to take place.

PowerPoint Overview

View additional project highlights and renderings for Rose Run Park.