US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan

The US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan is a focused land use plan for a 573-acre study area north of State Route 161. This plan is an addendum to the City of New Albany’s Strategic Plan, Engage New Albany. The City’s Strategic Plan was adopted in 2020 and is updated approximately every five years to respond to changing conditions and priorities. Each time, the planning effort is built around community input and sound planning principles designed to improve our quality of life and protect long-term investments. Since its adoption, the City has taken proactive steps to pursue projects and additional planning initiatives that integrate recommendations set forth by Engage New Albany. This is one of several focus area plans stemming from the Strategic Plan that zoom into key areas in New Albany to set clear development goals and principles. 

The US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan is a key policy guide for City Council, boards and commissions, and staff as they evaluate future land use and development along this important corridor. Similar to the Strategic Plan, this plan will also provide focused recommendations for character, scale, location, and extent of public investments and private development throughout the study area. 

The US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan ultimately ensures that our community pillars – life-long learning, health and wellness, arts and culture, and the environment – are prioritized in every corner of our community.


Project Basics

input-arrow input-arrow What?

The US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan is an addendum to the City of New Albany’s Strategic Plan, Engage New Albany, adopted in 2020. The plan will provide a contemporary and in-depth set of existing conditions and findings that ultimately inform an updated future land use and thoroughfare plan for the study area.

input-arrow input-arrow Why?

As regional economic development continues to unfold within and surrounding our community, our major commercial corridors and adjacent residential areas have seen significant growth and development pressure. The US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan captures one of these dynamic areas and allows for the city to reassess, plan, and provide standards for future growth.

input-arrow input-arrow Who?

Under the direction of the New Albany Community Development Department, an internal Working Group led by the planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm, MKSK, will oversee the planning process with regular input from a Steering Committee composed of representatives of the City, neighborhoods, businesses, government agencies, community groups, and local institutions. 

input-arrow input-arrow How?

This process will be undertaken in three phases: 1) Project launch & understanding, 2) Conceptual plan alternatives & evaluation, and 3) Preferred plan & recommendations – each of which will include a review meeting with the Steering Committee. The internal Working Group, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, will host two community workshops at key points in the planning process. These engagement efforts will be supported by online surveys and web-based outreach to ensure a thorough and inclusive process. The outcome will be a user-friendly and graphically-rich document that will provide the City of New Albany with an updated policy direction for the study area.

input-arrow input-arrow Where?

The study area accounts for land areas directly north of SR 161. Its northern boundary runs along Central College Road, with its eastern boundary runs along Blacklick Creek, and its western boundary flanks residential parcels adjacent to undeveloped land areas.

input-arrow input-arrow When?

The planning effort kicked off in February 2024 and it is anticipated to be complete by the end of the year.

Steering Committee

A project Steering Committee of 21 informed stakeholders has been formed to help guide this planning process. This Steering Committee includes representatives from City Council, Planning Commission, neighborhoods, businesses, community groups, institutions, and government agencies. 

The project Steering Committee will be tasked with ensuring that the plan content reflects the values of stakeholders and the New Albany community. The Steering Committee will act as the sounding board to review the findings, concepts, strategies, and recommendations created as part of the US-62 Interchange Focus Area Plan process. Government liaisons will attend Steering Committee meetings to report progress back to their respective local governing bodies, assist with document review, and help guide the adoption process. 


  • Kerri Mollard
  • Marie Alvarado
  • Scott Lusack
  • Molly Scott
  • Mary Wilkinson
  • Maria Schaper
  • Jameson Rehm
  • Jason Hoy
  • Greg Munster
  • Tricia Segnini
  • Samantha Rufo
  • Laura Hernandez
  • Brianna Johnson
  • Traci Moore
  • Kevin Bitters
  • Wendy Flowers
  • Saurabh Rajpal


  • Chip Fellows, Council Member
  • Matt Shull, Council Member
  • Andrea Wiltrout, Council Member
  • Bruce Larsen, Planning Commission Member


Community Workshops

Two community workshops will be held throughout the process to inform the broader public, gain insight, and build support for the plan’s outcomes. These meetings will occur during the course of the project and will serve as an avenue for the planning team to share the work process to-date, have discussions with attendees, and gather community feedback. 

Community Workshop #1

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024
  • 6-7:30 p.m. (open house format – stop by anytime)
  • Heit Center

Community Workshop #2

  • TBD (Fall 2024)


We want to hear your thoughts! Click here to take the Public Workshop #1 survey.


If you have any questions about the planning project, please contact Chris Christian at or at 614.939.2254.

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