City Council & Mayor



Sloan Spalding, Mayor
Term ends 12/31/19

Sloan and his wife Jennifer have been New Albany residents for over a decade and are the proud parents of three young boys. The Spalding family is very active in New Albany youth sporting leagues, charity walks and runs, community events, the New Albany Symphony and Pelotonia. He was first elected mayor in 2015 after having been elected twice to City Council.

Prior to being elected to Council, Sloan served the City of New Albany on our Personnel Appeals Board, Planning Committee, and was the Chair of the 2009 Charter Review Commission.

Sloan received a degree in political science, with a minor in military science, from the University of Utah. During his college years, Sloan also served as a member of the Utah Army National Guard and upon graduation was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army.  Sloan moved back to Ohio in 1994 and earned a Juris Doctor degree from Capital University Law School.

Sloan currently serves as Section Chief for Employment Law for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.  Prior professional appointments have included General Counsel and Deputy Chancellor for the Ohio Board of Regents, Chief Legal Counsel to the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Labor Relations Director for The Ohio State University.

Sloan is committed to maximizing New Albany’s economic development opportunities, maintaining our proud history of strong fiscal management, and providing our citizens with top-notch municipal services without having to increase income taxes.

City Council


Colleen Briscoe, President Pro Tempore
Term ends 12/31/17

Colleen and her husband Bob Berry moved to New Albany in 1992. They have two children, Connor and K.C., who graduated from New Albany High School.

Colleen was raised in central Ohio and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University and a J.D. from Capital University Law School. Following law school she served as a prosecuting attorney, a magistrate, and is now a partner in Briscoe & Webber Co. LPA. She has been practicing for more than 25 years in Franklin, Delaware and Muskingum counties.

Colleen has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Board of Governors, the Judicial Screening Committee and the Committee on Racial Profiling of the Columbus Bar Association and Ohio Supreme Court Gender Bias Task Force. She has been recognized by Syntaxis Youth Homes for her pro bono work. She also represented Franklin County on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and is a board member of the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio. In addition to volunteer work at various events in the community, Colleen has served on the Founder’s Day Committee and the Community Foundation Board.

Colleen was elected to serve two terms as Mayor of New Albany from 1996-2003. Since that time she was appointed and then elected to as a member of City Council, where she is still a member today. While on City Council, she has been liaison to the Planning Commission, Economic Development Commission, and the Community Improvement Commission.

Since 1996, Colleen has been supportive of and extensively involved in economic development in the city. Colleen has always been a proponent of leisure trails to connect the entire city and has worked to achieve this goal. She particularly appreciates the sense of spirit and cooperation alive in the city today which results in residents, business leaders and government entities working together with the common goal of improving the community.

Marlene Brisk
Will run to maintain Council seat in November 2017 election

Marlene and her husband Jim have been residents of New Albany since 2004. Their two oldest daughters, Rachel and Jessica, are graduates of New Albany High School and their youngest daughter, Julia, is currently a New Albany High School student.

Marlene received a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Finance from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and earned a Juris Doctor degree from Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her career in private practice in Columbus and has been employed in the field of commercial real estate management since 2001.

Prior to being appointed to City Council in 2016, Marlene served on the Board of Zoning Appeals and subsequently on the Planning Commission. She currently serves as Council Liaison to the Board of Zoning Appeals and to the New Albany Plain Local School District. She is also a member of the steering committee for the Western Licking County Accord.

Marlene believes that New Albany offers its residents a unique combination of the warmth and feel of a small town along with many amenities only available in a larger city. She is deeply committed to helping the city sustain that balance as the tax base, population and retail offerings continue to grow. Her goal is for New Albany to always be a place that future generations will be proud to call home.

Mike Durik
Will run to maintain Council seat in November 2017 election

Mike and his wife Lorrie have enjoyed living in New Albany since 1993 and they are the parents of two adult children.

A graduate of the University of Toledo, Mike received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Human Resources and a Master of Business Administration in Finance. Following a successful career as a corporate executive with a global organization, he is currently a senior director at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

Prior to being appointed to City Council in 2017, Mike served on several city boards and commissions, including the Economic Development Commission, Zoning Appeals Board, Planning Commission, and the steering committee for the Western Licking County Accord. In addition, Mike has served on the boards of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce and Healthy New Albany.

Mike believes it is important that we continue our commercial development in order to ease the economic burden on our residents and enable us to provide exceptional programs and services. His desire to serve on City Council stems from an appreciation of the community spirit of New Albany where residents are actively involved in contributing thoughtful ideas and time to make this the best place to live.


Chip Fellows
Term ends 12/31/17

Chip has been a New Albany resident since 2001 and he has two children.  He was appointed to City Council in 2006 and was first elected to City Council in 2007.  He currently serves as City Council liaison to the New Albany Plain Local School District. Prior to his tenure on council, he also served on the New Albany Community Events Board and the Architectural Review Board.

Chip grew up in Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University. He is currently employed in the healthcare field. Chip’s primary focus for New Albany is to continue the robust economic development in the business campus and work towards bringing new businesses and related amenities to the Village Center. Moreover, Chip is focused on maintaining fiscal responsibility, providing quality and responsive public service, maintaining safe neighborhoods with open green space and parks, as well as providing open and responsive communications with city residents.


Dr. Glyde Marsh
Term ends 12/31/17

Dr. Marsh has been a New Albany resident since 1946 and has long been involved in giving back to the community in one way or another. Prior to serving on City Council, he also served on the New Albany Plain Local School Board. He is the oldest elected official in Ohio.

Dr. Marsh is a retired Professor of Veterinary Science at The Ohio State University. He specialized in poultry medicine and continues to serve as a consultant to poultry producers throughout Ohio.

Dr. Marsh was first elected to City Council in 1993, taking office in 1994. He remains active in financial matters for the city, serving as the Chair of the Finance Committee. He is also Council liaison to the Board of Construction Appeals and is Council Representative to Plain Township.

Dr. Marsh views New Albany as the best place to live in central Ohio. The area is attractive with lots of amenities, and the city provides excellent police, maintenance and other services. New Albany has the qualities of a small town with friendly residents, and Dr. Marsh’s vision is to maintain this character.


Matt Shull
Term ends 12/31/17

Matt and his wife Vickey have been New Albany residents since 2000 and they have a son and two daughters who all graduated from New Albany High School. Matt received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University. He is currently employed in the healthcare field.

Matt was appointed to City Council in 2016. He currently serves as Council Liaison to the Architectural Review Board and he is on the Grants and Non-Profit Funding Committee. Prior to his tenure on Council, he served on the Board of Zoning and Appeals for 12 years and as the Chairman for two years.

The City of New Albany has experienced tremendous growth and opportunity over the last couple of decades. Matt is committed to continuing that positive momentum by focusing on three key areas; economic development (growing our business campus), maintaining strong fiscal management, and providing top quality services to the citizens of New Albany. Matt is a leader who looks forward to working for the citizens of New Albany, America’s best suburb.

City Council generally meets at Village Hall the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.